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The Most Beautiful Islands in Spain

Spain has numerous islands categorized into the Canary and Balearic Islands and they happen to be some of the major tourist attractions of the country. The best thing about islands is that they offer endless enjoyment opportunities and they can be quite unique in everything from climate and the features hence all kinds of tourists have the chance to enjoy their preferred kind of holiday on the islands.

Ibiza Island: this is the most popular and it is famed across the world for its wild partying nature. It is most crowded and fun filled during the summer months after which it transforms into a natural beauty that is quite and with a Mediterranean lifestyle that anyone is bound to enjoy. This island is practically enjoyable at any given time of the year.

Gran Canaria: it is under the Canary Islands which are popular in Spain and in the world. It is a best spot for those looking to enjoy the warm sun, crystalline waters and of course the sand. The most outstanding thing about the island is that it has a friendly climate throughout the year making it a perfect spot any given year month. The beaches here are golden and pleasurable and there are lots of activities to spice up your stay on the island.

Majorca Island: it is the biggest under Balearic Islands of Spain and is also referred to as Mallorca. Everything about this island is impressive and even though it is quite developed, its natural beauty still stands out and it is bound to offer some of the most memorable holidays for those who choose it as their ideal spot. There are numerous beaches and resorts offering some of the best services for any kind of holidaymaker.

Lanzarote Island: the island is likened to Hawaii and therefore known as Europe’s Hawaii especially because of its amazing waves, hospitable and friendly people and the pleasant weather. The winds make the island perfect for surfing and beginners have a chance to learn the fun activity from here. It is simply impossible to exhaust everything that Lanzarote has to offer and you can be sure that your holiday here will be relaxing, enjoyable and memorable.

Tenerife Island: it forms part of the Canary Islands and is a natural beauty with an atmosphere that is hedonistic and has beautiful lush beaches. It can be said to be among the most popular islands in Canary and nature lovers will enjoy this paradise especially the breathtaking and inspiring landscapes among other interesting features.

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The Montjuic Castle and Mountain in Barcelona

The Montjuic Mountain is the most famed and popular of Barcelona. It stands at approximately 600 feet on the Jewish hill found here also locally referred to as the Muntanya de Montjuic. It is strategically placed on the southern part of the beautiful city of Barcelona and impressively next to the sparkling sea. It therefore offers wonderful views for those who chose to spend some time on the mountain.

This mountain remained uninhabited for the most part of the middles ages and the Miramar area was turned into a Jewish Quarter. The mountain summit’s first path was back in 1607 and a fortress was later to be erected here during the Segadors war. This castle was erected with the aim of helping with the resistance of Felipe IV and it was which later changed onto the castle. The Montjuic Mountain has becomes a very interesting and popular park in all of Barcelona and nature lovers will find it to be a wild paradise. Huge crowds now gather here as it has become the sports venue of the century which is simply breathtaking from the hilltop.

The Montjuic castle dates from 18th century and is it wonderfully placed on the mountain of Montjuic. It started as a small fortress for the war which later transformed into the beautiful castle that it is now. The conversion of the fortress took place in 1751 and the year 1779 as a representation of Catalan liberties abolition in the region and Barcelona as a whole. Even though it was initially for the elimination of repression, it became the military prison of the area.

The magnificent castle is now home to an interesting military museum which is among the most popular museums in Barcelona. It is on a beautiful high point of the mountain guarding the port and with breathtaking views of the city below. The huge weaponry displays within the military museum in impressive and it the main attraction to the thousands of tourists coming here on holidays and different times of the year.

Barcelona is not only a modern city but also a city that has its history well preserved in the numerous monuments that it has. The best thing you can do to ensure that you get the very best of the city is to plan your trip in relation to the number of areas that are a must visit. The Montjuic Mountain and castle are some of the highlights which you should not miss in your list.

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The Gibralfaro Castle Spain

Spain has interesting features to see which could be the reason as to why it has remained to be a very popular holiday destination of the world. There are lots of interesting architectural works some of which have rich histories to them while others showcase the modern touches of architecture. You will find all the features in form of monuments very amusing no matter which region of the country you have chosen for your holiday.

The monuments of Spain are practically spread out into the numerous regions and cities. It means that wherever you go, you can be sure to be exposed to interesting monuments which make up part of the major attractions of the country. The Gibralfaro Castle is one of the interesting bits that you will find in Andalucia and in Malaga basically.

The most striking thing about this castle is that it is situated on a hill top. The Muslims put this tower here with the belief that it was where the Phoenician lighthouse once stood. They therefore called the hill Lighthouse Hill which is Yabal-Faruk in Muslim. This is how it got the name that it has currently. The castle took half a century to build and that was back in 14th century. It was the work of Yusuf I the then caliph of Granada. The castle was then to be taken over by Catholic Kings and was being used as a holding ground for the defeated.

The French army then destroyed the castle leaving it abandoned back in 1812. It has remained ruined to date but you will find a great transformation on one side of the castle which was changed into Parador de Gibralfaro. The castle is open to the public on most of the days from morning till 6 o’clock in winter and up to 8pm in summer. You will therefore have enough time to explore the castle ruins which still hold great historical value to the region. The views from the castle are impressive most especially because it is on hill top thus giving you an amazing panorama.

Castles make part of the numerous monuments scattered in all of Spain. While some are still in very good shape, some are ruined but have the value for the regions that they are located in. Some of the castles are impressive in terms of the architecture and you can therefore not afford to miss out on them while in Spain.

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The Gerelatitat Palace in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is indeed one of the most interesting cities of Spain. It is quite modernized with lots to offer to its visitors but most remarkable for the famed football club. You will therefore find lots of soccer fans in the city catching some action of the beautiful game. The city also has lots of other interesting things to offer among them historical monuments.

The monuments in the Spanish cities are well preserved and the visitors find it quite easy to go back in time and identify with the different epochs that the country has had to go through. Barcelona has several of these monuments which has something interesting to offer to all either in terms of historical background or the architecture. The Generalitat palace is one of the monuments you will find in Barcelona. It now serves as the headquarters of Catalonia government.

The palace can be accessed from two points with one being from Saint Jaume Square entrance that is interesting showcasing the Renaissance style of architecture or from the Saint George which is Gothic. Saint George is Catalonia’s patron saint and this entrance was done back in 1418. You can be sure to enjoy the palace’s architecture no matter which access point you use while taking a tour of the beauty that is the palace.

Within the Generalitat Palace, you will find most interesting the Gothic patio Patis dels Tarongers which has plenty of beautiful orange trees and belfry which is the work of Pere Ferrer done in 1568. Also of great interest here is the beautiful Saint George chapel by Marc Safont a Catalan architect who did it back in 1432. This interesting beautiful building is however open to public on the feast day on Saint George which takes place in April every year.

When visiting Barcelona, the best thing you can do is find out what major attractions it has and also which ones are definitely worth checking out. This way, you will ensure that you enjoy everything that this city has to offer you. The hot spots are normally open to public on different days, times and seasons and there is therefore an importance of making sure that you are well aware of this before leaving. It helps in making sure that you get the chance to explore the things you are most interested in during your tour of the city without facing any restrictions.

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The Corralejo Holiday Resort in Spain

This popular and beautiful holiday town located in La Olivia Municipality of Fuerteventura Island is one of the best that you can choose to spend your Spanish holiday in. It was formally a fishing town but has now transformed into a very famed and popular beach resort for the deserving holidaymakers coming into Spain to enjoy their time.

The town has numerous restaurants especially on the central part and also at the port. These are the most energetic areas of the town and you will find them to be hubs of activities. Here you will also find ferries headed to Lanzarote Island which is not that far from here. You will find most interesting in Corrajelo the sand dunes and so is the Lobos Island from where great town excursions can be enjoyed.

The town has wonderful beaches with golden sand making them the more attractive. The beaches are actually considered to be among the world’s best and you can therefore rest assured that you will enjoy the sight and the wealth of activities and water sports that you can enjoy while here. The crystal clear waters make the beaches best for surfing, wind surfing, scuba diving and swimming among other interesting activities.

Different excursions are normally organized from the town of Corralejo and will take you through the regions of the coasts and the regions which are simply breathtaking. You will find most interesting jeep safaris, land tours, dolphin safaris, camel safaris and also submarine safaris for your holiday here. Other popular excursions include water park tours, riding tours, horseback tours and cruises to the island Lobos.

When it comes to the accommodation, Corrajelo has every kind of option that you could be looking for your holiday. You will find apartments and hotel options that you can choose from for your kind of holiday experience. The choice that you make should be the most comfortable and relaxing for you and any other person or people you could be taking with you for the holiday. Luckily the accommodation rates in this holiday resort are affordable and reasonable and hence you won’t lack something that is most suitable for your needs and the holiday budget that you could have in place.Corrajelo is definitely a great holiday resort in Spain and you are bound to enjoy every single minute that you get to spend in the town.

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